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In 1926 the Powerhouse building was built to house a small hydro electric generator, which was driven by water from the nearby Rogerson River.  This water was transported via wooden staved penstocks along what is now Jacks Pass Road.  The electricity which was generated then went on to supply the existing Queen Mary Hospital as well as a few street lights.  At some stage this DC plant was augmented by a diesel generator and, by 1934, the main electricity lines then connected Hanmer Springs with the rest of the grid via Waipara.

At various times, the building has been used as a vegetable shop and a storage facility before becoming a cafe.  The modern decor has tried to honour the industrial nature of the building's history. Loved by many locals, the Cafe has become iconic in Hanmer Springs for its great coffee, baking and breakfasts.

Owned and managed by the much loved Mary Holloway with a small, passionate team, we welcome you to the cafe and hope you enjoy our place as much as we do.

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